24.04. - 09.06.2019

Artists: Helen Anna Flanagan, Alice Gancevici & Remus Pușcariu, Laurent-David Garnier, Informal Strategies – Doris Denekamp & Geert van Mil, Yazan Khalili, Kristin Wenzel

Curated by: Alice Gancevici & Remus Pușcariu

Mobility is ubiquitous, furthermore, an imperative. People and things move faster and further, advertising a liquid contemporaneity. As information travels at the speed limit of light, the capitalist project abstracts and encrypts everything around, in order to make it into quantifiable data. Meanwhile, politics and social media proxies bombard us with affective sound bites in order to funk things up, so that we can directly experience the intensities which make-up messages effectively immediate, seductive and binding. At these deep levels of confusion, apophenia is increasingly becoming the de facto pattern recognition and decryption tool for individuals making sense of the unstable world around them.

We operate in a long middle of crisis, carried by the torrent, in an attempt to re-solidify our standing grounds. The ordinary has become a shuffle in which all energy is sucked into decisions for life made minute to minute. Global issues instantiate locally, with violence that has become unspectacular, fracturing status-quos and traumatising places and people. Widespread misunderstandings about what is cause and what is effect continuously give rise to misplaced prophecies of a post-apocalyptic world. These prophecies act as MacGuffin plot devices for a population desperately reaching for a breaking point, a rift, a tear, almost to the point of willingly amplifying toxic habits and prompting collapse, all to escape this bottleneck.

Remote Complicities began with the incentive to instantiate our individual standings by searching for blind spots each has within her/his own environment. In order to take a snapshot of our stretching present (similarly, perhaps, a looping past), our premise is to address inconsistencies and injustices by means of exploring major or minor traumas that would otherwise be shoved off as ‘things that just happen.’

By looking at some of the unresolved global issues (such as the socialist project, the Palestinian struggle, liberty of movement), the show knits together a few contributions that deal in the currency of their own context of emerging. They are triggered by individual or shared methodologies which act as adaptive toolsets, speculative frames, political or utopian acts, or simply fiction, developed locally (‘in transit’ becomes a place in itself) to address the generalised feeble sense of orientation defined within our composite reality. The gathered contributions spiral around dreaming, interviewing, storytelling, sweat and scaffolds; navigating in patterns computed from the relationship between one's movement and her surrounding environment.

This exhibition is organized by the Salonul de proiecte Association, as part of the project Migration and Mobility: Recent Histories.