21.02. - 01.04.2018

Contributions by: Teresa Almeida, Beam, Shih Wei Chieh, Kate Sicchio & Camille Baker, Renata Gaui, Maria Paulina Gutiérrez, Tincuta Heinzel, Shary Kock, Aline Martinez Santos, Afroditi Psarra, Annette Schmid & Veerle Pennock, Zoran Popovici, Natacha Roussel, Vitalii Shupliak, Giulia Tomasello, Pauline Vierne, ZEST Collective etc.

Project initiated by:
Tincuța Heinzel și Hillevi Munthe

Opening program:
Wednesday, February 21, 18.00 – 21.00

18.00: Attempts, Processes and Results, public presentation by Tincuța Heinzel with interventions by Janis Jefferies, Teresa Almeida and Shih Wei Chieh

19.00: Opening

In the era of “fast prototyping,” academic work driven by “publish or perish,” and competitions addressed to start-ups, this exhibition represents an attempt to reflect upon the actual technological boom and the desuetude of the innovation speeches. The project encourages a sustainable approach that takes into consideration the whole fabrication process – from conception to consumption, wearing out and degradation of technology –, focusing on obsolete products, failed prototypes, and rejected electronic textiles projects and technologies.

Questioning the relation between failure and success, the project relies on art’s capacity to analyze in a critical and, at the same time, poetic and self-deprecating manner the matter of contemporary technological advance. We must not forget that arts are called upon to address critically the medium in which they operate. More than mediators of science and technological development through spectacular interventions, contemporary artist often become “critical cultivators,” questioning the daily life context and encouraging critical debates on present practices in design and in the technological development field.

In the contemporary economic context, in which the digital creation and production methods transform the industry worldwide, innovation and creativity become more important than productivity and design receives a central role in the production chain. This is way a critical approach to design is indispensable and can fill-in for an absence of engaged and consequent industrial policies.

Showcasing a collection of responses to an open call, the Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors project meditates on the numerous aspects that art, design, and technology influence, seeking to offer instruments for cultural, social, and technical interventions, to encourage an innovation medium concerned with social and infrastructural aspects.

In connection with the exhibition at Salonul de proiecte, other activities are scheduled to take place: a series of presentations and digital fabrication workshops and a summer school at the University of Oradea. All the above are meant to facilitate a platform of collaboration and information exchange between professionals in art, science, and technology and to encourage the public to explore the boundaries between art and technology.


Exhibition organised by the 2580 Association in collaboration with the Salonul de proiecte Associaton and ZEST Collective

Partners: NOD makerspace Bucharest, Piksel Festival Bergen, ”Ion Mincu” University of Architecture Bucharest, National University of Arts Bucharest, Oradea University, Kaustik Bucharest

Media partners: Observator Cultural, Arhitext, Zeppelin

Cultural project co-funded by: The Administration of the National Cultural Fund, Norwegian Art Council, The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts

The project does not represent explicitly the Administration of National Cultural Fund’s position. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project nor for the way the results may be used. These are in the full responsibility of the benefiter of the financing.

Salonul de proiecte functions with the long-term support of the Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara.