A conversation between Bojana Cvejić and Manuel Pelmuș

Wednesday, May 2, 19.00

In conversation with Manuel Pelmuș, Bojana Cvejić will address the following questions: What has the second performance turn brought to the venues of contemporary art (galleries, museums)? What has it done to contemporary dance, or how do we evaluate the effects the extension of choreography and dance towards exhibition making has had on the aesthetic experience and the mode of production of dance and visual art alike? In the wake of this turn, how have our expectations of the arts and the public sphere changed?

Bojana Cvejić’s work spans philosophy, theater/dance dramaturgy, and performance education. She is author of several books: Choreographing Problems (Palgrave 2015), Drumming & Rain: A Choreographer’s Score, with A. T. De Keersmaeker (Mercatorfonds 2013), and Public Sphere by Performance, with A. Vujanović (b_books 2012). She has collaborated on many dance performances since 2000 and has also authored a number of theater works and videos. Cvejić is Associate Professor of Dance and Dance Theory at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts KHIO and coordinator of the Research Studios Program at P.A.R.T.S. Brussels, where she has taught since 2002.

Image: Spatial Confessions, Tate Modern 2014, photo: Lennart Laberenz

To Perform and to Dance in the Museums of Experience is part of EVENING CLASSES: Actions by Day and by Night, a program conceived by Manuel Pelmuș, focusing on the connection between the different temporalities and modes of attention to be found in dance and the visual arts, as a way of reflecting on the economies and possibilities produced by this potential hybrid space. For more info please check: