04.06. - 28.06.2020

Artists: Vlad Albu, Andreea Badea, Alle Dicu

An exhibition by Vlad Albu

The exhibition Encountered Trajectories is part of a broader project whereby Salonul de proiecte carries on its mission to create artistic research opportunities for young artists from Romania, facilitating the production and exhibition of new works. The project was conceived in collaboration with Vlad Albu and entails interdisciplinary workshops on the topic of habitation, as conceptualised in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and the design and production of images and objects.

The attachment between an individual and a space is mediated by time, the main element for understanding and constructing the emotional processes that come about in a particular place. The intimate space thereby also becomes the locus for isolation from the outside, for introspection. Habitation can be viewed from both directions: just as we inhabit a space, we are also inhabited by that space. As has become obvious in recent months, architecture/habitation must take account of not only systemic changes but also people’s needs, given the outlook of the uncertain future that hovers over urban settlements.

The works in the exhibition aim to analyse personal spaces from multiple viewpoints. How are these spaces imagined, what significance do they have, what associations do they generate? The mode of understanding a space is not limited to personal experience alone, but also includes images or patterns that we or society construct in advance. The three different artistic approaches each explore the conception of the intimate setting of habitation, putting forward subjective perspectives that place the emphasis on establishing affective relations to the features and elements that make up the identity of a personal perimeter, while at the same time applying research methods that mobilise a conceptual register that leads to juxtaposition of personal and archive images or reinterpretation of everyday objects whose functionality is held in suspension.

Over the course of the exhibition various activities will be organised, focusing on sharing types of practice and modes of knowledge: workshops for young artists and architects held by Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan, Stardust Architects, and Atelier Vast, an experimental design workshop run by Vlad Albu whose outcome will be a publication; and a public presentation to be given by studioBASAR. The dates of these activities/events are to be announced on the Salonul de proiecte’s social media accounts.

* During the first two days Vlad Albu will be present in the space along with Salonul de proiecte's team to talk about the exhibition with those interested. Access to the exhibition space will abide by the preventative and protective measures in place during the period in question.

This exhibition is organised by the Salonul de proiecte Association as part of the project Close Spaces. Functional and Contemplative Aspects.