The Curatorial: Between Education and Institution Building

Talks, workshops, seminars

April - May 2016

Public presentations
Amfiteatru UNArte
Calea Griviței 28
Str. General Constantin Budișteanu 10

Workshops and seminars
Str. General Constantin Budișteanu 19
Floors 3 and 4

Program booklet

This session of presentations, workshops and seminars, stretching over the course of two months, represents a new chapter in the “Evening Classes” programme launched by Salonul de proiecte in October 2014. This time the subjects tackled will be connected to curating, a practice understood not only in terms of its educative dimension, but also through its potential to create platforms to encourage arts initiatives and types of thinking that can’t be articulated using other institutional moulds. The contributions to the programme bring to attention examples/case studies that question the educational act, on the one hand, and, on the other, provide a framework to discuss and get to know innovative models to support contemporary art in cultural and socio-political contexts that are more often than not hostile to its premises and modes of manifestation. The programme has a markedly regional component, focusing on issues relevant to the central- and east-European space, but without limiting itself to it. The set of issues identified at the regional level can easily be extrapolated to a wider context, whence too the need to talk about self-organisation, institutional openness, new ways of constructing the future, continuously expanding the spectrum of questions from the local to the regional and global level.


Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor
Artists (Bucharest, RO)

public presentation - Tuesday, 5 April / 18.00 / UNArte Griviței, Amfiteatru
workshop - Wednesday, 6 April / 10.00 / UNArte Budișteanu, Floor 4, Room 53

Artist collective made up of Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant, Rodica Tache (Timișoara, RO)

public presentation - Tuesday, 12 April / 18.00 / UNArte Griviței, Amfiteatru
workshop - Wednesday, 13 April / 10.00 / UNArte Budișteanu, Floor 4, Room 53

Jelena Vesić
Writer, independent curator (Belgrade, SRB)

public presentation - Wednesday, 20 April / 18.00 / UNAgaleria
seminar - Thursday, 21 April / 10.00 / UNArte Budișteanu, Floor 3, Room 43

Eszter Szakács
Curator, tranzit.hu (Budapest, HU)

public presentation - Wednesday, 4 May / 18.00 / UNAgaleria
seminar - Thursday, 5 May / 10.00 / UNArte Budișteanu, Floor 3, Room 43

Vlad Morariu
Researcher, lecturer, curator / Loughborough University (UK)

public presentation - Wednesday, 11 May / 18.00 / UNAgaleria

Antonia Alampi
Independent curator, art historian, pedagogue (Berlin, DE)

public presentation - Wednesday, 18 May / 18.00 / UNAgaleria
seminar - Thursday, 19 May / 10.00 / UNArte Budișteanu, Floor 3, Room 43

Kate Fowle
Chief curator, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, RU)

public presentation - Wednesday, 25 May / 18.00 / UNAgaleria

To register for the workshops and seminars please email at: salonuldeproiecte@gmail.com. Participation is limited to available seats.

Program organized by Salonul de proiecte Association, Bucharest

In partnership with The National University of Arts, Bucharest

Cultural project co-funded by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is neither responsible of the project content or of the way in which the project results may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

Salonul de proiecte is a curatorial program initiated in 2011 by Magda Radu and Alexandra Croitoru. The program focuses through exhibitions, presentations and debates on the Romanian contemporary art, while positioning young artists’ productions into a broader context, local as well as international. Since the fall of 2015 the program functions through the Salonul de proiecte Association. Team: Magda Radu, Alexandra Croitoru, Ștefan Sava and Alina Bucur.