Thursday, 7 February, 19.30 – 21.00

With: Vlad Nancă, Mircea Nicolae, Magda Radu, Ştefan Tiron, Începem fanzine

The book offers an extended overview of Vlad Nancă’s multifaceted practice, focusing on works made from 2003 to 2017, opting to highlight the affinities between them rather than their chronological unfolding. Alongside ample illustrations of the documented works, the book includes essays by Inti Guerrero, Mihnea Mircan and Magda Radu, which contextualize Vlad Nancă’s activity from different perspectives.

On this occasion there will be a display presentation of the Incepem fanzines issues 1-4 developed between 2003 - 2004, with a great number of contributions from important actors in the art scene but not only. Ştefan Tiron will have a special intervention and there will be a brief discussion starting from Magda Radu's contribution in the monograph on the theme of independent institutions models and DIY methods in contemporary art.

Graphic design: Nona Inescu
Printing and binding: Fabrik
Published by PUNCH

Made possible with the generous support of
UniCredit Bank Romania.